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Round Boat: The Modern-Day Coracle vs Traditional Round Boats

The coracle is an ancient but widely acclaimed boat that unfortunately doesn’t show up in all regions across the globe. Considered as a very intriguing piece, many people want to learn how to handle this round boat.

Probably the most common problem that most people face is getting inside the coracle and finally getting out of it. But actually, the secret is you have to get in or out of the boat as fast and safe as you can. Once you’re on board and your weight gets distributed, the boat will be stable.

Coracling by yourself is a very good experience and if you decide to try it out without a friend, you should use the paddle to support your weight as you get inside the round boat.

Your feet should be spread on the front of the boat and when you sit down, stay on the center so your weight is fairly distributed.

The given tips are to be used when you’re handling a traditional coracle. Does this mean there’s a modern type too?

The Ultraskiff is the first ever highly-modern version of the traditional round boat that hit the market with a bomb. Though there are still some fishermen around the world who have not heard of this innovation, more and more people are falling in love with this coracle for other reasons aside from fishing.

The Ultraskiff is a portable and lightweight round boat that is now being used not just for fishing purposes but also for those who just want to have a great water adventure. It is easy to transport and promises both safety and comfort for the user. Whether you decide to sit or stand, you can rest assured that your round boat won’t flip over.

Unlike the traditional coracle that will give you difficulty in getting in or out without falling on water, the Ultraskiff watercraft has been designed for balance. The inventors have found a way to quench all fears related to the use of round boats.

As mentioned, a lot of people are using this innovative piece not for fishing purposes. It is actually the perfect choice for beach sweeties who want to bathe under the sun, tourists who love floating out on sea, and for everyone else who is an advocate of pleasure boating. With good storage space, pleasure boaters can bring other stuff along with them to sea.

On the other hand, it is also the best and most recommended coracle for man of the sea. This is because of its easy maneuverability without the risk of falling on water when you’re in a fishing battle. You even get a good storage space for any other gear that you want to bring along.

The modern times needs an innovative method of getting out to sea and the Ultraskiff has given just that.
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If You Read One Article About Repairs, Read This One

Home Design: Repairing Cracked Lintel

By definition, a lintel is a a block of horizontal in structure spanning a space or opening between two vertical structural supports, that is often found over doors, windows, portals and fireplaces. Historical houses are prone to develop lintel failure causing a serious threat to people’s safety. Old or historical lintels has the tendency to sag and crack overtime causing potential collapse. Lintels crack and eventually causing lintel failure caused by window replacement as a result of removal of the window load bearings with a non-load bearing window. In historical lintel settlements, serious defects may not be entirely evident that may lead to potential lintel collapse overtime.

In order to retaining the facade aesthetics, majority of cases lintel repairs are straight forward using pinning ties and bed joint replacements in combination with resin injection systems also restoring the lintel’s structural integrity.

The best lintel repair is resetting the lintel and repointing or rebuilding the brickwork above, refitting the window. Poor lintel repairs are caused by repointing cracks when brick works rest in a new frame, however may cause a potential collapse above the opening when the window will be replaced the next time. For inadequate bearings, the lintel will drop and the cracks will appear, though some older properties with huge stone lintels may pass the test of time. Replacing the lintel is highly recommended for insufficient bearings, but most often, repointing the lintel may be sufficient until the window or door is eventually replaced. Too much load by downward pressure resulting to cracking and lintel failure, because of roof purlins that are directly installed above the openings of windows. The decision whether repointing will be sufficient or lintel replacement is necessary, is of course based on the age and severity of the cracks.

We can definitely help you through our lintel failure solutions with our good professional partnership with different contractors who offers different schemes for window replacements among private and social houses at a very reasonable cost, allowing safe door and window removal. As we are one of the leading specialists in lintel repair, we do offer insurance so we can guarantee all restoration lintel design schemes. Our team of expert structural engineers work together in providing recommendations if the lintel problem requires a structural plan and our team also provides a detailed cost estimate. We provide an excellent job every time, from the initial bid, follow-up, scheduling, actual work and clean up. Feel free to contact us anytime, as our project managers and the entire crew is willing to help you achieve your goals and would be happy to work with you.


As Flu Season Approaches, Omega Pediatrics Helps Parents Prepare


ROSWELL, Ga. — The contours of flu season vary from year to year, but October usually stands as the month when the illness begins to make itself known. As a leading pediatric primary care clinic, Omega Pediatrics is committed to helping parents, their children, and others make it through the upcoming flu season safely and in great health. A new guide on the Omega Pediatrics website at details everything parents will need to know to be ready for the 2016-2017 flu season, from who should get immunized to the most common symptoms of the sickness. By remaining open until 9 p.m. on weekdays, Omega Pediatrics helps working families stay healthier thanks to the benefits of continuous care, and the clinic’s new guide to the upcoming flu season is another reflection of the way it strives to go above and beyond the norms.

“Another flu season is once again upon us, and that has many parents wondering what to do to get ready,” said Omega Pediatrics Lead Physician Michael Nwaneri, M.D., “We’ve just published a new guide at our website that lays out everything people in the area will want to know. As always, it is impossible to predict beforehand just how severe a particular flu season will become, but being prepared is the best way of making sure that no unnecessary difficulty will result. From the CDC’s new recommendation that nasal-spray vaccines be avoided to all of the common symptoms, we’ve laid out the ABC’s of influenza for the 2016 to 2017 season in a helpful, useful form.”

The viruses that cause influenza tend to thrive in cooler, drier air, with one study showing that transmission rates among guinea pigs dropped steadily to zero as temperature and relative humidity were raised to 86 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent, respectively. Between their preference for the colder, drier air typical of winter and the annual interchange of genetic material they undergo as they travel around the word, influenza viruses pose the greatest threat each year over a period from around late October through March.

With another so-called “flu season” therefore on the horizon for Roswell, Alpharetta, and other cities in the area, the new Omega Pediatrics guide to the matter will make for interesting, useful reading for many. It delves into everything from the common symptoms of the flu, to ways of alleviating them, to the most current recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control.

The new guide is a reflection of Omega Pediatrics’ clinic-wide commitment to doing everything possible to help families in the area live healthier, happier lives. By providing up to 20 hours of extra after-hours care weekly compared to other clinics, Omega Pediatrics does away with the disjointed care that many have otherwise experienced as they were forced to head to local emergency rooms after normal hours. By offering multiple channels of access, including a secure online tele-medicine portal, Omega Pediatrics likewise makes it much easier and more convenient for families in the area to get the care they need. The new Omega Pediatrics guide to the 2016-2017 flu season is online now at

About Omega Pediatrics:
With a socially sensitive, access-oriented approach that includes the use of cutting-edge technology, Omega Pediatrics provides primary pediatric and whole-family care to residents of Roswell, Alpharetta, and other cities in the area.